A tricky case of limited space

Despite the hot weather I'm feeling a little miserable about being back home as this time last week I was soaking up the delectable rays of the Caribbean sun in the Dominican Republic - bliss! Whenever I go on holiday I seem to have issues with weight restrictions, broken zips and ripping seams. Needless to say my suitcase is the kind that only closes if you're sitting on it. This year, however, I decided that I ought to be sensible and only pack the stuff I really need (I'm growing up!). Now as I know I'm the sort of girl who will buy an entire new outfit and change if I don't like the one I'm wearing, I figured the only way to do this was to thoroughly plan each one beforehand. I therefore spent the best part of a whole day before our departure emptying the contents of my wardrobe onto my bed and meticulously selecting a single outfit per occasion - no more, no less. I can now reveal that this method, though somewhat time consuming and obsessive, definitely works! I wore everything I packed (ok ok, apart from one maxi dress - well you have to have a backup!) and my suitcase was the lightest and flattest it's ever been. Also as I had less clothes there was more space for a variety of shoes, which are of course more important ;)

So here are my 7 dinner outfits, each one carefully chosen and naturally colour co-ordinated to within an inch of its life...

1. Dress: Camden Market, Shoes: Primark, Clutch: New Look                                          
2. Skirt: Liz Lisa (Tokyo), Top: New Look, Shoes: Primark
3. Dress: AX Paris, Cuff: Top Shop, Flower: Accessorize
4. Top: Primark, Shorts: Miso, Shoes: Internationale, Earrings: Top Shop, Hair doughnut: Boots
5. Dress: Top Shop, Belt: Primark, Shoes: Internationale
6. Top: H&M, Shorts: New Look, Shoes: New Look, Flower garland: Primark
7. Top: Primark, Skirt: Yumi, Shoes: Dorothy Perkins, Clutch: Paparazzi, Earrings: Top Shop, Flowers: Accessorize