Can't rain on this Parade!

My fellow Brits,

Now we know a thing or two about rain, don't we? We'd never leave the house without an umbrella (or two - in case it's too windy for your flimsy Primani brolly or not windy enough for you to bother with the nice one). We're ace at playing hopscotch when unexpectedly the heavens open and we're wearing suede, we know how to fashion a hat out of just about anything in our handbag and by just glancing at the sky after a couple of drops we can determine whether we're gonna need to take a fight or flight approach. Sprinting through puddles in 4 inch stilettos? Piece of cake. However if you, like me, are rather startled by the usually familiar gloomy skies after the most beautiful British summer you have ever seen, then read on.

The last few months have been glorious! I've been going out in clothes I'd normally only be able to wear abroad. It's been wonderful feeling the sun on my skin (no goose pimples!) and not having to worry about taking a cardie in case it gets cold. I've pretty much forgotten what a coat looks like! Unfortunately it seems the weather has finally caught on that something hasn't been quite right and has brought back the drippiness our green isle is so famous for. Now I know we've had more than our share this year, but I started feeling a bit low over the last few days at having to rifle through the more muted side of my wardrobe so I have decided to perk myself up by adding a bit of sunshine to my Autumn/Winter wardrobe in the form of a golden raincoat; who said gloomy had to be grey?!

It can't rain on this parade! :)


A note on outfits: unfortunately none of this stuff is particularly new but see below for item details in case you'd like to try to find something similar :)

Coat: bought in the US, Jessica Simpson, Nordstrom (my best purchase during my visit to America in 2010!)
Umbrella: bought in Tokyo, Japan

'Geek' glasses: Primark, £2 (recent - found in the men's section ;P)
White blouse with black bows: Primark
Soft ribbon tie: Zara
Green jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Lace up black cut-out heels: New Look
Sunglasses: TK Max
Blue leather gloves: Primark

Red blouse: Primark, £9 (recent)
Black skater skirt: New Look
Black & gold belt: H&M, £12 (recent)
Red heels: New Look
Red leather gloves: Primark

Yellow blouse with oversized collar: bought at a vintage fair
Black v-neck: New Look, Basically range
Black bodycon skirt: New Look
Black heels: Dorothy Perkins