London Fashion Week Day 3

I decided to pop over to Somerset House again today to see if there were any cool outfits worth snapping. I am absolutely loving orange at the moment and what I often like to do is pair a singular colour with black and white as I feel this makes it really stand out, so I picked out this little outfit!

This is the first year I've ever gone to Somerset House for fashion week, and it's quite different to how I expected it to be... as I mentioned in my post about Day 1, most of the people that go are normal, everyday Londoners who use fashion week as a platform to express themselves and their own unique styles. Although I do think it's great that Somerset House becomes a venue for creative freedom, I imagined there to be a real buzz during fashion week with people networking, discussing the catwalks, swapping fashion stories and generally getting really excited about the whole event. I know that the fashion industry can come across as haughty and pretentious with those occupying the front seats hiding behind oversized sunglasses, however I did expect more of an atmosphere in the courtyard or I at least expected to see more people milling around. I felt it was a bit quiet on Friday, but put this down to people still flying back from New York. If Friday was quiet then Sunday was dead, which was a bit of a disappointment. I managed to photograph a few cool outfits but unfortunately there was nothing of particular interest so after watching Marios Schwab's catwalk live whilst slowly sipping a mocha, I took one last glance around the sparse courtyard and decided to watch the catwalks live from home. It's really great that you're able to watch most of the catwalks live on your laptop or tablet from the comfort of your sofa, but it's a shame that there isn't a buzzy atmosphere at Somerset House as I'd much sooner watch them there surrounded by likeminded fashion enthusiasts.

The garments on show at Topshop Unique didn't particularly appeal to me, however I absolutely loved the relaxed atmosphere on the catwalk. This may have had something to do with the cheeky Cara, however it was so refreshing to see models smile! Watching catwalk after catwalk can be really numbing, and sometimes you forget that the clothes are actually being worn by living, breathing individuals. I know that the focus is on the designs and garments (and rightly so), but I do feel that as a result of this the whole thing becomes a rather stiff affair. It was lovely to see these girls loosen up the runway, we were even received a wink from one!


Another beautiful British brand! Tartan, tweed, top hats and all good things - love!


Another great catwalk. I was a little sad at the lack of Westwood's signature tartan, however the pirate hats were a welcome sight! Westwood also caused a lot of controversy on this catwalk by pinning 'yes' badges onto the garments the models were wearing in support of Scottish independence. There has been a lot of talk about whether this was the wrong or right thing to do, and though I'm a huge fan of Vivienne Westwood I do feel that perhaps this was a little too far; she is entitled to her own opinion but should not enforce these opinions onto her brand as this affects all those who follow her and buy into her brand and can be damaging to her sales. I also feel a bit annoyed that the catwalk has been used here as a platform from which to declare our political views. The fashion industry is so corrupt and prejudiced anyway without the extra entanglement of politics, and I think that this action was rash and unnecessary. That being said, I loved the sharp shirts and the batik-like floral designs and my views on Vivienne Westwood as a label remain unchanged.


Mary Katrantzou's Autumn/Winter heavily patterned garments reminded me of rows of military medals or chain mail. They seemed to have quite a medieval feel with thick flowing fabrics and dark shades.


Her Spring/Summer collection was, naturally, lighter and softer, however I was pleased to see some heavy patterns still coming through with a design that appeared to be python print from afar but revealed itself to be a series of interlocking curved lines when up close. There were also some beautiful fragmented shapes on a bed of tulle and wide panels of delicate florals cutting across garments.


I really loved the 'caged' cut-out effect of these garments and the sudden shocking colours amidst a relatively subtle palette. The fabrics used were also quite stiff and so added to a sharp, defined look.


A lot of these elements were transferred to the Spring/Summer collection with the cut-out motif developing more subtly to form almost tartan-looking shapes. Again I really loved the shock of colours such as a sharp yellow and cerulean blue when paired with black and white. As I mentioned above, I really love to pair colours up like this myself and feel that the combination proved very effective in this collection.

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