London Fashion Week Day 4

Another day, another line up.

Here are some of my favourites from Day 4:


I didn't find this collection particularly memorable, though I do like the styles and cuts of the garments as well as the sharp additions of deep purple and green.


His Spring/Summer collection, however, did grab my attention. This is most likely due to the sharp, tangy orange shade that ran through the collection like a fiery streak, however I was also a big fan of the soft, silky fabrics with the delicate floral overlays. The subtle colour combinations also appealed to me; I'm an absolute stickler for colour co-ordination and dislike any clashing colours or full, exploding palettes so I felt these shades were beautifully paired. I also really liked the blazer in the photo on the right - we have seen a lot of tulle and net fabrics featured on the catwalks and I think the way in which this blazer slowly seems to disappear as it reaches the shoulders is fantastic!


Burberry is one of my favourite brands and I completely fell in love with the monogram capes in the Autumn/Winter collection. I was recently really excited to hear that they will soon be available to purchase with your own initials! Not that I can afford one, but a girl can dream! One thing I really like about Burberry is that despite the fact that, for me, their colour palette is a bit too busy, they somehow always manage to make it look like all their combinations were simply meant to be. They often incorporate pattern clashes (another no-no in my book) and again they pair the fabrics together so beautifully that the designs just flow into each other.


Their Spring/Summer collection was just the same - an abundance of colour and varying patterns all mashed together, and somehow it worked! I was also surprised to find that the denim jackets with fur or leather overlays really appealed to me! They looked so sweet in either cropped or peplum cuts, with stiff collars and little pocket flap details. I also really liked the layers of pleated tulle, and the tulle ties around the waist. Using rather solid fabrics like suede or denim (and did I spot a hint of corduroy?!) for Spring/Summer has the danger of looking too heavy, however the tulle broke these up perfectly and gave it a really light, airy look. I also thought the fish-scale designs were lovely - see pic on the bottom right.

Peter Pilotto's SS15 collection didn't appeal to me at all (too busy and too many colours - very messy!), but I thought it was worth a mention as there were a few very clear images that came to mind as soon as I laid eyes on the collection which I thought I'd share with you...

The regimented formation of the different shapes on the first dress makes it look very machine-like and I couldn't resist a chuckle at the image it popped into my head: R2-D2 in a sweet shop. Can anyone else see that?!

The jumper on the upper right reminded me of those felt sets we used to have when I was a child - it would include a black felt board which was your 'template' and you would place various different coloured felt shapes on the board to create pictures. It looked just like that jumper.

That last picture... maybe this is down to my love of the irish, but that to me just looks like an irish dancing dress minus the puffy skirts underneath. Sorry Peter Pilotto, but I wasn't impressed.


This collection didn't really stick in my mind, and it was only after I saw his new collection that I thought I'd go back and remind myself of the Autumn/Winter collection and compare the two. I think that there are some very consistent and recurring themes within the two collections, however I feel that the Spring/Summer collection really pushed sultry black tones and sharp tailoring to the max.


There were a lot of factors I loved when watching this catwalk. First and foremost, I am a strong advocate of black so the palette for this collection - all black with some metallic and white tones coming through - was definitely right up my street. I also really liked the 70's rock n' roll edge, especially as it was paired with a feminine, glitzy glamour. As a petite girl, it can be tricky for me to find clothes that fits me well. Hunting from rail to rail for a size 6 can be extremely demotivating and I don't even bother looking in the sales for my size. I am a fan of figure-hugging clothes and it can often make me feel quite low when stuff hangs off me rather than clinging to my body shape, so I was overjoyed at Tom Ford's sharp tailoring. Particularly at a time when we're seeing looser styles and tunic cuts, I thought these taut, neat cuts looked fantastic! A fitted suit can make you feel so empowered, and the garments shown on this catwalk were just that; strong, independent and empowering. Shoulders back, chin up and strut!

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