London Fashion Week Day 5

Hmm... well we didn't quite go out with a bang. In fact, as much as it pains me to say it, I don't actually have anything particularly positive to write about and there aren't any designers nor even singular garments that spring to mind as being particularly appealing to me from Day 5. If I'm honest, watching those catwalks felt like being in a rundown underground club catching glimpses of tramps and drag queens through a haze of smoke and flashes of strobe lights. It was like watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; something that can only make sense when you're tripping, which is a state I've never felt the need to experience. Call me uptight, but I don't see how overlapping, pattern-clashing, frayed fabrics paired with scrunched multicoloured socks and a t-shirt that says 'batty boy' above a rather explicit image can be even remotely attractive. I get the statement, and that's great that we're exploring taboos and breaking the rules, but does it really need to be so scruffy and grotesque? Correct me if I'm wrong...



These garments are a bit too scruffy for me, but I get the look and there's still some nice styling here - there's thought behind it; it's not just mashed together any old how. It's a bit too messy for my taste, but I can appreciate what Marques' Almeida is doing here and I do like the use of dark denim as it looks almost like a completely different fabric entirely and the manipulation of it is quite interesting on some of the garments.

Looking back over the catwalks (I'm feeling a bit mean now but I'm also clutching at straws as I don't want this to be the way LFW ends for me!) I've found a handful of garments that I actually quite like, but none where the collection as a whole really excited me...


I actually really love the soft effect created by the pearly beads on a mocha/salmon coloured fabric. I think that this is really classy and delicate. I also really like the blue and white pattern of the second garment; it sort of looks like cow print and it's interesting to see it in different colours. The last photo, however, takes some very beautiful and unique ideas which are capable of looking great by themselves and mashes them together. For me this outfit totally doesn't work; it's trying to achieve too much on one garment! I think it's very important to know when to stop and to realise when you're over-working something, and that's unfortunately how I viewed the latter garments that were displayed on Osman's catwalk.


I really like the sharp, tailored look of these garments. I also enjoyed the shiny reflective fabrics as I feel these are flattering to the wearer as clothes appears more fluid and accentuates movement. Again though, the collection as a whole did not appeal to me much and the garments that I did like I felt were a little bland and didn't captivate me as some of the designs earlier in the week had.

So this wasn't exactly how I anticipated the end to London Fashion Week, however February isn't that far away and there's plenty of trends to contemplate in the meantime! Here are some I pinpointed in my notes:

*tulle - there was plenty of this fabric on almost every catwalk in varying forms and quantities
*lime green/lemon yellow - these acidic tones seemed to be quite popular with a lot of the collections
*sport features - I noticed a lot of bunched cord ties and full-length zips across catwalks
*slade/washed out baby blue - again there was a lot of this colour cropping up across catwalks
*sparkles - from metallic shades to sequins, looks like Spring/Summer 2015 is gonna be a shiny one!
*silky fabrics - these also featured in a lot of collections
*stripes - mostly horizontal, I noticed, but in all different widths and sizes
*denim with fabric overlay - there were a few garments across catwalks where denim was customised with a layer of a different fabric on top to leave only collars, cuffs, pockets or hems exposed
*burgundy - a shade that has been popular for a few years now and some examples could still be seen
*paisley motifs - hints of this pattern were creeping in to some collections though it's hard to say whether it featured enough to keep it in fashion's favour

I hope you all enjoyed London Fashion Week and found some inspiring collections or designs. Feel free to share them in the comment box below! Thanks for reading!

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