Feast your eyes, you're in for a treat!

OH MY GOD I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I have just discovered the most absolutely amazing brand completely by accident that not only stocks my size, has amazing designs and a variety of different styles, but it also literally appeals to everything I'm crazy about. It has a Disney inspired collection. It has Star Wars. It has Harry Potter. It has Lord of the Rings. It has Game of Thrones. My mind is spurting out superlatives at lightning speed and my eyes can't quite adjust to the wondrous creations unfurling in front of them. Finally, a brand that appeals to my geek side without expecting me to encase my little self in stuff from the menswear section! LOVE is an understatement.

Let me introduce you to the genius that is Black Milk...

Black Milk's story began in a little yellow house surrounded by mango trees. It is the loving creation of Aussie James Lillis, whose troublesome tale is explained in a quirky, conversational tone on the website - definitely worth a read!

I absolutely adore the 'Tale as old as time' dress on the far left. This disney collection is so cute and fun!

 A few from the Harry Potter/Star Wars collection; a jacket with news from the Daily Prophet, leggings with the Marauder's map design, and an Imperial Trooper sport top.

Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings designs; a dress with the map of Westeros, a 'Team Stark' top and a bodycon dress with a map of Middle Earth.

I feel that Black Milk clothing is truly unique. It's so different and niche, yet it has such a huge following that it seems to suggest that 'geek' can easily become mainstream. I love that the silhouettes are still girly and figure-hugging despite the fact that many of the collections feature themes often viewed as masculine. I also think that their lookbooks are beautiful; each one spins an in-depth tale full of annotations and well thought out landscapes or scenes, and they are all laced with meaning. James Lillis has created such a playful fairytale of a label, and I really feel that it appeals to 90's kids in particular as he has perfectly combined the sweet disney stories we grew up on with the sexy, fashionable women we have grown into. I will definitely be keeping tabs on this brand!

For the Black Milk website, follow this link: http://blackmilkclothing.com

Here, reality and dreams collide...

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