The Perfect Knit

Greedy drops of morning dew gather in clusters of moss and in the early hours, narrow lines of frost begin to lace my windowsill in intricate designs. A harsh, whistling wind scoops up strands of my hair and makes them dance in front of my eyes. It finds the gaps between my hat and scarf, my gloves and sleeves, and leaps for them, biting. Thin tendrils of wispy mist uncurl themselves from around haggard branches. They glide across the sky, blending and merging with frail milky clouds that envelop the horizon and leave behind dark, earthy silhouettes. The Sun is lost in obscurity, leaving behind a wraithlike Dickensian stillness. The world is cloaked in melancholy but it is so beautiful.

Winter is coming. It's time to wrap up. Clumps of thick fuzzy wool wind themselves snuggly around my neck and streams of soft intertwining threads form resilient patterns like layers of armour against the cold. The warm depths of fleece-lined pockets encase my trembling fingers and my icy breath catches on a dense fur hood. It is time. I am ready to face the great outdoors, armed with the perfect knit...

Red scarf: H&M
White knit jumper: H&M
White cardigan with fur hood: TK Max
Nordic leggings: Blue Inc
Grey boots: New Look
Grey & white fleece bag: New Look
Burgundy cable knit cardigan: Yumi
White scarf: New Look
Black & white knit hat: Dorothy Perkins
Denim booties: New Look
Baby blue scarf: John Lewis
Tartan coat with fur hood: Miss Selfridge
Cream mittens: Topshop
White gloves: Marks and Spencer
Ear muffs: Accessorize

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