Let's Hear It for the Boy!

Collars. This is the first jealous thought that springs to my mind when I think of menswear. Do women have large, starched, stiff, pointed collars which button up right to the top and hold so tight they feel like a second skin? Oh no, us delicate feminine types have flimsy, rounded collars that are so feeble they get creased while we're walking. It's just not fair. Agreed, we're lucky when it comes to a strict office dress-code (the lines of formality are so blurred when it comes to womenswear), but isn't it annoying that a standard suit for a man can be the norm but on a woman it serves to portray her as a power hungry hardliner?

I absolutely love formal menswear. It is slick, strong and defined. It oozes power with a lazy effortlessness. It's all razor-sharp edges and straight lines; it leaves no room for hesitation. Like a man's attitude to shopping, it strikes with precision!

Primark menswear is one of my favourite haunts. The jumpers are long, thick and don't have any spikey embellishments or irritating necklines. It's so fuss-free and particularly great for the Winter; women's cardie's may be cute but they rarely actually keep any of us warm. As someone who sighs deeply at occasions that require flats, I am definitely not one to promote practical and sensible clothing. I do, however, find it a little irritating that the majority of our clothing just isn't comfortable (sense the moany tone?), and that designers and manufacturers seem to pay no heed to this at all. It seems that the main objective of a woman's clothing is primarily to make her more attractive, and only after that box is ticked does anyone consider comfort.

Borrowing items from men's wardrobes may not necessarily make me feel sexy (unless it's my boyfriend's white shirt and nothing else...) but they are always warmer and more comfortable. It may well be the type of clothes that I go for - figure hugging, usually - but the fabrics used are completely different. You know that really horrid moment when you've split a nail and it catches on absolutely everything you've got on, including your shoes, bag and underwear? Well you just try snagging that on one of my dad's thick flannel shirts (another thing that I can't seem to find in the women's section)!

I do adore being a woman. It really is true that our fashion is so much more extensive than men's and the number of accessories and variations we have seem limitless, but I'm having one of those days where I just want to be comfortable. So I'm going to pop on my boyfriend's boxers (don't judge before you try... not the same ones of course), turn on the PlayStation and be a boy! Except less smelly ;).

Black & cream brogues: New Look
White shirt with black buttons: H&M
Smart black skinny trousers: Next
Soft white blouse: Next
Navy suit: Next
Coffee brogues: New Look
Coffee chinos: Miso
Cream brogues with ribbon laces: Primark
Black & white knit hat: Dorothy Perkins
Grey lace-up boots: River Island 

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