I wonder if you know, how they live in Tokyo?

Black lace rises up to engulf her throat. A cameo brooch nestles into her collarbone as thick buckles enfold her wrists and waist. Layers upon layers of dark tulle frills rise around her, and overhead a fragile cream parasol hovers delicately over her perfectly poised, doll-like face.

Cat whiskers poke out of a strawberry-studded surgical mask and striped pastel socks rise up to meet a cascading vortex of bows and gummy bears. The girl hidden within places a tiny hand over her even tinier strawberry-obsucred mouth as she giggles underneath a mass of sweeping crayon curls.

Love it or hate it, you cannot deny that Japanese street fashion is completely unique. It's so imaginative and so exciting; you can be whoever you want to be. There is no such thing as extreme and despite many different categories, whether you're gothic lolita, gyaru or fairy kei, no two styles are the same. It is raw expression in its purest form.

A couple of Summers ago I went to visit the playground of fancy dress enthusiasts: Tokyo. I recently stumbled across the mass of photos I took when I was there, so I thought I'd get in touch with my inner Lolita and have a go at a Harajuku-inspired blog post. I've put together a short video consisting of some snaps I took when in Japan (including a few 'Purikura' photos - these photo booths with editing and decorating options are very popular with teenagers and young adults), and a few Japanese tunes to get you in a super-kawaii frame of mind! Yatta! o(^_^)o

Unfortunately Blogger doesn't seem to be feeling kawaii and freezes each time after I've uploaded the video so please follow the link below (it's just one click, you know you want to :P), then don't forget to come back here after and check out the shoot! :)


White floral dress: Lisa (Japanese brand)
Strappy wedge sandals: New Look
Pink plastic solid bag: Ted Baker
Terracota dress: New Look
Brown tights: Topshop
Brown leather shoulder bag: Primark
Brown leather gloves: Primark
Black heels with strap: River Island
Mustard yellow cardie: Halogen
Cream dress with lace: Camden market
Mustard yellow gloves: Six (European brand akin to Accessorize)
Cream ankle socks with frill: Primark
Brown buckled ankle boots: New Look
Carousel necklace: Accessorize
White blouse with loose sleeves: New Look
Black pinafore: Camden market
Black lace-up cut-out heels: New Look
White lace ankle socks: Accessorize
Black bow: Accessorize
Black birdcage necklace: Accessorize
Terracota jacket with pockets: New Look
White vest top with lace neckline: H&M
White floral skirt: Primark
Terracota thick wooly over-the-knee socks: Topshop
Nude heels: New Look
Cream bow: homemade
Nude felt hat: H&M
Navy berret: H&M
Bottle green blouse: H&M
White cardie: Marks & Spencer
Navy & green tartan skirt: Camden market, vintage
Bottle green ribbed over-the-knee socks: Topshop
White heels: New Look
White belt with bow: Camden market
Sugar pink cardie with black bows: H&M
Black & white tartan skirt: River Island
Bow necklace: homemade
Black over-the-knee socks: River Island
'Marie' Aristocats hat: Disneyland

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