The Dress Code: 2014

A year. Nowadays it seems like such a sort time and the weeks and months just fly by, but so much can change. I like to take a photo of what I'm wearing (almost) every day and as we have just celebrated the end of 2014, I thought it might be interesting to have a flick through a year's worth of outfits. Our tastes and preferences are constantly changing however subtly, and it's always amusing when you see an old photo that prompts the question; "What am I wearing?!" Equally I really like to look back on what I donned 'this time last year' cause us girls often cram our wardrobes so full of clothes that we occasionally end up burying some really great garments.

So here's my 2014 fashion collection with a variety of combinations, colour schemes, fashion faux pas (I'm sure there are a few!), and naturally a complete overload of high heels. Don't worry though, I'm not gonna make you sift through 365 different outfits - I've narrowed them down drastically!

N.B. Any slightly odd looking outfits can be blamed on fancy dress parties. Also please excuse the 'selfies' I can't afford to pay a photographer to follow me around just yet ;)

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