Sink Your Teeth In

Isn't it funny how trends, even the most seemingly out-dated and obscure, always find a way of coming back into fashion? We've rekindled our love of brocade, seventies bellbottoms are due to hit our closets come Summer, and even corduroy is making a bit of a come-back! I've always been obsessed with tartan and I'm completely overjoyed that I can now find it everywhere (and I seriously need to do a 'tartan' blog post cause I have A LOT of it), but I've also developed a fondness for a pattern that was hard to find 2 years ago: houndstooth. Being a traditional kind of girl, my favourite is black and white - simple and classy. I've recently bought a couple of houndstooth items so thought I'd share them with you all. I have also dipped into a bit of tartan here, but I kept it strictly black and white so as to not get too carried away down the plaid route. Now, you who peek at my posts regularly will probably have sussed that I tend to favour a formal, classic style, so with some of these outfits I've tried to leave the thin stilettos and cute buttoned blouses behind and add a splash of grunge with the help of a leather jacket and some chunky heels (shock horror). So sink your teeth in and let me know what you think!

Pink loose knit jumper: Dorothy Perkins
Houndstooth velvet pencil skirt: Krisp
Black patent heels: New Look
Black & white tartan jacket with elbow pads: Primark
White vest top with laced neckline: H&M
Black tight fit shaping leggings: Next
Black knee high stiletto boots: New Look
Houndstooth dress: Primark
Leather jacket: New Look
Wooden block heeled black lace up ankle boots: Primark
Black & white tartan shirt: Rivet menswear
Black skater skirt: New Look
Black wedge ankle boots: Ebay
Mustard yellow jumper: Primark
Black & white smart skinny trousers: Primark
Black backwards heels: Primark

Honestly, the stuff labelled Primark really is!! It's all about picking up the right things :)

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