We wear short shorts!

I absolutely love denim hot pants! They're the perfect companion for a hot Summer's day and great to wear with boots and tights for those grey mornings when Britain can't make up its mind what season it's in. I have quite a range from white to washed-out baby blue to a rather racy pair of red ones with side zips from Republic.

A pair of hot pants is something you definitely want to be comfortable in, particularly if you're planning a cotch on the grass or a long car trip to the seaside. With a small waist but a booty that doesn't quite match my physique, I've always had issues with buying the right size and they hardly ever fit right; they're too wide at the waist, dig in when I sit down or somehow slowly shorten as I walk! I remember going on a trip to Thorpe Park in the Summer a few years back where I decided to wear a pair of light denim shorts. They looked really cute and casual with a t-shirt and a pair of plimmies when I left the house but once I got there, the more I walked the more they rode up. I felt incredibly self-conscious and kept putting my hands in the back pockets to push them back down. I did this so much that they actually began to rip at the edges of the pockets. Not good. Basically, my outfit choice that day turned out to be a total disaster and put me off choosing to wear shorts for any occasion where I would be wearing them for a prolonged period of time.

You who have similar disaster stories to tell (and if you do please tell me in the comment box below - don't make me feel alone!), have difficulty finding a pair that fits, or simply love shorts and want to try out a different brand will be happy to hear that after much searching, when I was at Pure a few weeks back I found the answer: c-string!

Machine washable up to 30°C, iron up to 110°C, do not tumble dry, do not bleach.

C-string shorts are made primarily from cotton with polyester and elastane. This makes them very light and breathable, but most importantly, means that they stretch! As soon as I put them on in the label's changing room at Pure I felt amazing; they mould and adjust to the shape of your body and are ultra comfortable. There's no digging in, no issues with them fitting in some places but not in others, and definitely no riding up! Though the retail industry tries to label us as 'XS' or '18,' women do not come in standard sizes. C-string seem to have realised this and have created a product that forms around the body in a unique and individual way. I'm hugely grateful to c-string for gifting me with a pair of their shorts - here are some snaps for you to see how well they fit for yourself!

Prices start at around £20. The company is based in Cyprus so delivery may take up to 20 working days and international shipping costs apply; they are approximately £10 but free delivery is given to orders of 3 pairs or more.

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