Hoist the Colours!

I've been feeling pretty nostalgic recently. Earlier this week my sister and I took a little trip up to our loft and we ended up spending the best part of a day up there cooing over old teddies, reminiscing about 90's pop band posters and laughing at the vast quantities of beanie babies and Barbie dolls. We came across a whole box of old tapes we'd recorded when we were younger, and with the help of a tape converter we began the arduous process of copying them onto a computer. We found one from 1992 that my mum had recorded when we were aged 2 and 3, before we even spoke English! I adore collecting memorabilia. It's so wonderful to me that we can keep all of these beautiful memories and listen or look back at them again and again.

Rummaging through heaps of old clothes, we came across our old Polish national costumes. As a new wave of nostalgia hit me, I thought about how wonderfully bright and rich the colours are and how floral and 'summertime' they seem. With Seventies boho chick hitting high streets left, right and centre, sunny days becoming more frequent and festival season beginning again, I felt it was the perfect time to explore the deep colours and floral elements of these costumes in a photo shoot. I absolutely adore the Slavonic floral pattern on the skirts... I'm tempted to adjust it slightly and have it for every day use! Either way I've definitely been inspired to break away from my signature 'black + one colour' style and explore a collection of bright hues. Check out the national dress below and let me know what you think!

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