Darkened Garden

I adore summer colours. There is nothing so uplifting as having the excuse to wear bright (and sometimes clashing, shock horror!) clothes, donning a fresh turquoise or orange nail polish and slipping in some bold floral hair accessories for good measure. It's all such fun, however in-keeping with my relentless love of black, I do also really love subdued summer florals. Last year I experimented with an alternative to bold flowers by looking at the simple beauty of herbs and grass-stained denim (see the post here), and this year I once again feel that petals don't have to be bright to be beautiful! Darker blooms or desaturated motifs in cold blues rather than garish yellows are often much prettier and have more depth to them. I have experimented with some floral garments below that either focus on a dark palette or contain cool shades to see whether this theme is indeed an agreeable alternative to block colour florals. Will you turn to the dark side? Let me know what you think! :)

Black cropped tee: H&M
Floral trousers: Primark
Tiered necklace: Accessorize
Thick bangle: Primark

Bralet: Topshop
Bodycon skirt: New Look
Hoop earrings: Primark

Floral jacket: New Look
Light blue jeggings: Primark
White vest top with lace detail: H&M

Navy t-shirt: H&M
Navy floral shorts: H&M

Grey floral dress: Primark
Black belt: H&MSilver diamond shaped earrings: New Look

Top: New Look
High-waisted jeans: Primark

T-shirt: Primark menswear
Jeans: Primark (rips were customised)

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