How to Wear a Denim Jacket 3 Ways!

There are two types of people who wear denim jackets: the ones who slip it on over any outfit without thinking, and those who buy one in the hope that this will become second nature after they make the purchase. Falling into the second category, I can now reveal to you that unfortunately it does not quite work this way. I've always admired girls in denim jackets. They look so cool! Denim jackets are less provocative than leather ones but equally more 'devil may care' than a smart jacket. I, too, recently bought one in the vain hope that after bringing it home it would just click and I'd suddenly realise that it in fact matched absolutely everything in my wardrobe. Not quite so, I'm afraid. For those of you who are umming and ahhing your way through this trend I've compiled three simple outfits that work with a denim jacket every time.

1. Perfect for: evening shenanigans or urban outings (flat caps or beanies can be provided)
One of the conditions I was given by my boyfriend upon finally buying a denim jacket was that I had to go out wearing it with my Black Milk mermaid leggings. After about two years of deliberating whether or not to buy one, I felt pretty daring wearing this statement outfit for my first denim jacket 'outing,' but you know what? After spending the first five minutes nervously tugging at my waistband and trying to pull the jacket lower over my rather exposed bottom, I relaxed. For the rest of the day I pretty much forgot I was wearing it, and in that sense I guess I've acquired the best perk of the denim jacket: it's cajj, darling.

Denim jacket: New Look, teal mermaid leggings: Black Milk, black cropped tee: H&M, black wedge ankle boots: Ebay
Round teal earrings: Six (European), rocking horse necklace: Accessorize, gold cuff: Topshop, cross double ring: New Look, looped ring: New Look

2. Perfect for: a summer party or meeting the bfs parents
The whole point in a denim jacket is that it's supposed to be 'effortless' and look like it's been casually thrown on without much thought. A good way to ensure this look is with a dress. Strapless, skater, bodycon, maxi - a denim jacket will complement any of these. Pop one on and phrases like "Oh, this old thing?" and "I just chucked it on, I was in such a hurry!" will roll off the tongue.

Patterned pink skater dress: Primark, black belt: H&M, pink and black snakeskin heels: New Look 
Black earrings: Accessorize, folded metal necklace: gift

3. Perfect for: a trip to the shops or bumping into your ex
My main concern with denim jackets is straying too far into the 'double denim' look. To rule out the possibility of this I'd advise steering clear of light blue jeans. Block colour jeans in colours such as green, red or peach (I have a really beaut pair! Have I not shown them to you lot yet? Oh I must remember to post a piccie with them soon!!) are all in the safe zone. Alternatively try to stick to black or white. I decided to push myself here and opted for a navy pair. I know, I'm brave like that. Denim jackets also make me come over a bit southern so I often find myself reaching for a plaid shirt. This is fab, but must stop when you find yourself browsing stetsons in Camden market.

Plaid shirt: New Look, navy denim jeans: Primark, cream dollies with gold clasp: Primark
Blue and gold stud earrings: New Look

So are you a casual or cautious denim jacket wearer? Do you have any tips for denim-jacket-phobes? Let me know in the comment box below! Thanks for stopping by! :)

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