Summer Soldier


Do you own any khaki items, private? If not, here is why you should!

Khaki is one of those great shades that prevails all seasons. It isn't limited to 'light' summer fabrics or 'cosy' winter knits but is versatile and adaptable to all occasions. I recently bought a lovely khaki jumpsuit from New Look, and it made me think about all the different styles and fabrics of the khaki items I own. As a dark hue, I tended to think of it as more of a heavy autumnal shade (particularly with its military connotations), but this jumpsuit made me appreciate its lighter aspects. Below are some of my favourite khaki garments. Trying out these outfits and doing this shoot made me realise that it is actually a really fantastic choice of colour for a sunnier season. It's so neutral but less boring than black, so here is your mission soldier; don a khaki uniform this summer!

At ease.

Jumpsuit: New Look, strappy orange & nude heels: Primark

Jeans: Primark, cream blouse: Zara, cardie: Primark, nude heels: New Look, nude belt: Primark

Dungaree dress: Forever 21, burgundy cropped tee: Topshop, burgundy bootie heels: New Look

Thick shirt: my granddads :P, lacy shorts: Miso, brown bootie heels: New Look

Grey cropped long-sleeved top: New Look, skater skirt: New Look, black heels: Dorothy Perkins

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