Superheroes, Summer Tales and Lazy Mondays!

Phew it's been a busy week! I'm currently working two jobs in addition to taking part in numerous freelance projects so this is the first chance I've had to sit down and write in two weeks!

So, last weekend - another bank holiday! I normally like to enjoy the extra lie in and use it as an excuse to have a completely lazy weekend, but this time I thought I'd make the most of having an extra day off and do something a bit more exciting (I had a chilled Monday though; all things in moderation!). So in between trying pot noodle for the first time, back-to-back box sets, countless cups of tea and caving to the sound of the ice cream van, my boyfriend and I went to some pretty cool places so I thought I'd share with you all of the fun and wonderful things we got up to!

Blogging Talk at the Google Campus

Since I spoke at Pure Trade Show in February I've been doing monthly blog talks at the Google Campus. They're really fun to do and it's really great to get to know new bloggers and be able to give them some advice. My talk is part of Luckywebs Wordpress Course, which is a really great FREE course that I seriously recommend it to anyone looking to start up their own website on Wordpress. It's really helpful and they sift through all the jargon with you and give you a step-by-step comprehensive guide. I actually took it myself last month as I'm looking to set up my own website for my blog... another thing that's on the to-do list!

This time I wore...

Floral jacket: Boohoo, black t-shirt: H&M, black skater skirt: New Look, orange heels: eBay, gold belt: H&M, necklace: Topshop

Comic Con

Since discovering it two years ago, my boyfriend and I have been going to both of the MCM Comic Con events every year. If you've never been and are a film buff, a budding gamer or a super-geek, YOU NEED TO GO. It's basically an amazing fancy dress party. We normally do steampunk, but we're slowly collecting bits and pieces for Loki/Thor and Little Red Riding Hood/Wolf combos. This year we wanted to do something a little different but none of our new costumes were ready so we decided to secure the premises in style...

If you need some inspiration check out these fantastic outfits I snapped whilst there...

How great are these guys?!

This penguin from Batman was AMAZING!! My boyfriend and I have also recently started waiting the TV series 'Once Upon a Time' so I was really excited to see a Queen Regina impersonator (top left)!!

It was so cool to be able to get up close to the Batmobile and the car from Mad Max!

I'm happy to report that the Steampunk stand expands every year. I absolutely love the tea & sugar vials and the emergency pack of custard creams! Genius!

Summer Tales

After leaving Comic Con we decided to head to Old Street as we'd heard about a cool summer party happening in the Red Market. We stopped off at The Yard for a bite to eat then passing under a leafy arch, we were met with wood chipped floors, coconut stands, deck chairs and straw canopies. With live music, cocktail bars and a great laid-back vibe, Summer Tales is a really fun place to go for after work drinks or weekend catch-ups. It's on till August!

The Yard

So I managed to pack in quite a lot over the Bank Holiday! Needless to say I'm having a calmer weekend this week. What did you guys get up to? Anything interesting you fancy sharing? Let me know in the comment box below! Thanks for reading :)

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