Riviera Style!

This week I've been experimenting with a very clean summer palette, taking a lot of inspiration from a nautical, classic Riviera style. I adore the cleanliness that a polo shirt and a pair of white plimsoles evokes, or the freshness conjured by a jumper wrapped delicately around the shoulders. These crisp whites look lovely when accentuated with soft browns or navy blues.

Though this is a style that can be looked upon as impractical due to possessing too many light shades for every day use, it is definitely one to keep in mind for a garden party or a summer outing. I've always loved seeing women in a 'shirts and jeans' combo as it's such a small touch to add a more formal top but makes a huge difference. Picking a shirt to match a pair of casual trousers instantly makes you appear more groomed and elegant. A simple white shirt (even one with a Peter Pan collar) is such an important wardrobe staple; one I have been neglecting recently in favour of simple vest tops. It's time to let my inner lady shine! Riviera style is tasteful and sophisticated; perfect for a summer day! Providing it is one bereft of sticky children, muddy dogs or the possibility of grass stains...

Striped trousers: Topshop, black t-shirt: H&M, sunhat: Primark, black strappy heels: Primark

White jeggings: Primark, pink t-shirt: Help for Heroes, sandal wedges: New Look, white cable knit jumper: Republic, brown belt: Primark

Navy jeans: Primark, white soft cotton blouse: H&M, navy & white stripe cardigan: New Look, white plimsoles: Primark, white belt: Primark

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