Swapping Stilettos for Sportswear!

Ok guys, so as you've probably realised I'm the kind of girl who prefers to be overdressed rather than underdressed, strutting about London in a blazer jacket and a matching pair of stiletto heels. Needless to say I am not loving this recent craze for sports motifs and trainers. However I have recently, to my complete surprise, jumped on the band wagon and ordered my very first EVER sports bra!

Keeping fit seems to be a pretty big deal nowadays, but as a girl with an incredibly awesome metabolism that lets me eat absolutely anything I want and still keep my abs (sorry), I've never been fussed. Lately though I've been thinking a lot about what I eat and how little I exercise and how just because I'm slim it doesn't mean that I'm healthy.

It all began when I signed up for Race for Life for the fourth time, and I finally decided that this time I really ought to get my act together and train up a bit! So I set up an exercise routine and with some prompting from my sporty mother, had a little peek online at some sports gear. I took one look at Adidas' black and flash orange range and fell in love. I am now the proud owner of a beautiful Adidas sports bra (I never knew they were so hellishly tricky to get on!), leggings and running sweatshirt. I didn't get new trainers cause they're so pricey, and my old Nike ones still fit. Ok, I've had them since I was 16, but they're fiiine!

Getting the right sports bra for you is extremely important. You need it to feel snug, but comfortable. Before I bought this Adidas one I had a cheap one that was too big for me, so it just didn't give me the support I needed. When deciding to buy your first sports bra it's a good idea to read up about the range of styles as different types suit different cup sizes and depending on what sport you're doing, you will need to find out whether you need light or high support.

I really love these leggings as they're so stretchy and comfy. They almost feel like a second skin so whatever sport you're doing you don't need to worry about them restricting you in any way.

This light, waffle-pattern sweatshirt is also really great. I often feel unsure what to wear on top when I go out running as a t-shirt can be too thin and a hoodie too heavy, so this jumper is the perfect solution. With sweat-wicking climate fabric it helps to keep you dry, not to mention it looks absolutely fabulous!

I am now three months into eating healthier and running/cycling four times a week. I never thought I'd enjoy sport, but I am shocked to say I feel so much better since starting my routine. Exercise really does make you feel more motivated, more active and more content as you really feel like you're taking control of your life. 

I felt I simply had to share this new love affair with you all and show off my beautiful sports stuff, particularly as I honestly thought I would be the last person ever to promote exercise! All that's left now I guess is to buy me a pair of Nike hi-tops, chuck on a pair of skinny jeans and join the sports revolution! Hmm... *looks fondly at rows of heels* ...maybe not...

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