To Making it Count.

It's a funny thing, Time. It runs away when you're not looking and stops dead when you are, like a mischievous little child playing grandmother's footsteps. We can't wait to hurry it along when we're young and desperately cling to it as we age. It makes us wait, but then lasts too long. It snatches up birthdays, Sundays, fun days, yet makes our working weeks last forever.

Time is something I've had very little of recently, hence the infrequent blog posts (apologies). It has made me really appreciate the time I have and try harder to make the most of it.

"Do not squander time, for that's the stuff life is made of."

It's so important to do the things you want to do before it's "too late." The older I get, the quicker time seems to pass me by and there are still so many places I want to visit, so many sights I want to see, so many things I want to achieve. I want to be able to look back on my life and be proud of the experiences I've had, not be disappointed that I didn't seize the moment when I had the chance.

There is only so much we can do in the time that is given to us, but I'm slowly realising how precious each moment is. Around a year ago I did a post about writing your own bucket list, and I strongly urge all of you to have a look at it now and write your own. It's very useful to list all of the things you'd like to do as it drives you and helps you gain a perspective on your life. Bucket lists are more often than not made up of experiences that are dependant on money and a solid block of time. Tonight, as I sit at my desk and stubbornly vow to myself that I will change my sheets and read my latest edition of Vogue before I go to bed (it's 00:23 and I have work in the morning), I am sending you a clear and simple message: make each moment count. Do make a bucket list and do travel to that country you've always wanted to, but remember each and every day to make the most of the time you have. Life is short, and it is becoming increasingly busy.

Both time and money can be scarce, but no matter how busy and skint you are it is crucial to your quality of life to allow yourself little treats here and there. Think of the things you enjoy most. List them in order and write down an estimate of how much time you're able to sacrifice, AND DO THEM. It might be a good idea to jot down of all of the little things you want to make time for each day/week on a post-it note and tick them off as you go.

Some things I'm trying to make time for:

Playing the piano
Enjoying a cup of tea (and allowing for it to brew properly!!)
Spending time with loved ones
Calling/Skyping old distant friends
Candle-lit meals
Experimenting in the kitchen
Going to museums/galleries
Going for a walk in the park
Making up photo albums or scrapbooks
Going for night drives and watching the stars
Exploring interesting areas in London



Grains of sand slipping through glass.



How will you make your time count?

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