Bohemian Rhapsody

Boho Chic. Thanks to the armies of seventies nomads that took the Autumn/Winter collections by storm, this is becoming one of those annoyingly over-used phrases. It's getting to the stage where it's only ok when you say it, like bae or YOLO or too gay to function.  However, despite wanting to reward the next person who claims to be "so boho" with a friendly smack, you can't deny that it sure is a good look this season!

The trick is to get the balance right between appearing a bit scruffy around the edges and actually looking like a hobo (or a boho hobo, if you want... yeah, I know, I deserve a friendly smack for that one). Smokey eyes are a great way to add a bit of carefree glamour to your bohemian look, but make sure you don't end up simply panda-eyed. A touch of tousled back-combing is also a good way to go, but again be sure that you don't take "just-got-out-of-bed" hair too literally (no hairstyle takes longer to perfect than one that is nonchalant). Also one tip that I've particularly struggled with: don't be afraid to mix up patterns and colours a bit. I'm pretty strict when it comes to both those things, but blurring these lines gives the boho look its fabulous creative rawness.

Loose t-shirt: Denim Co, denim shorts: New Look, tartan shirt: Primark, brown boots: eBay, canvas backpack: Primark
Feather headband: New Look, feather earrings: Primark, small gold rings: Primark, gold plait ring: New Look, cross double ring: New Look
Tartan shirt: Primark, patterned leggings: Primark, cream blouse: Zara, tartan & floral pashmina: Primark, trilby hat: Topshop
Leather satchel: Primark, moccasin pompom boots: New Look, clock earrings: vintage market, key: homemade
Maxi dress: New Look, felt hat: H&M, slavonic floral scarf: vintage, brown belt: Primark
Beaded fabric tie: M&S, feather earrings: Primark, bangles: Primark, wooden whistle necklace: vintage market
Ethnic tasseled cardigan: vintage, patterned dress with fabric tie: New Look, chelsea boots: Primark
Large brown belt: vintage, silver beaded necklace: Accessorize, silver marble rings: Primark

Want to create a boho look yourself? Here's a little checklist of some things you may need to help get you started:

- brown/nude boots
- tousled hair
- smokey eyes
- nude lips
- florals or tight patterns in earthy tones
- crochet
- layers of flowing/loose fabrics
- feathers
- fringes & tassels
- beads
- soft hats worn at jaunty angles
- headbands
- long necklaces
- bangles
- canvas or leather backpacks & satchels


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