Happy Halloween!

Today is one of my favourite days in the year. Know why? Not only because it's Halloween but because black is my favourite colour, and today it surrounds us! Black is such a wonderful shade, and more than any other hue it covers such a range of styles. Black can be sadness or mourning, but it can also be elegant or seductive. It can be formal, subtle or ostentatious. It evokes such a wealth of emotions and like a chameleon can adapt to almost any situation. So for me, today is kind of a celebration of this wonderful hue!

It is, of course, also a great excuse to have a spectacular party. Fancy dress is so much fun, and I love going all-out with a theme! Here is the invitation I sent out for my Halloween party tonight...

If you choose to venture down this road, half-way down you will find a house; a particular house full of darkness and foreboding. Over 100 years old it stands tall and daunting, with memories and secrets lurking behind each corner. But a handful of brave souls have entered under fall of darkness, and even fewer have lived to tell the tale. Those who did are forever changed. They tell stories of creaking floorboards, clicking radiator pipes and phantom stag heads bearing down upon them. The piano plays at night, they say. Invisible fingers tinkle the ivories and produce a haunting melody that echoes around the halls, as the rocking chair rocks itself to sleep. The dusty typewriter clunks and snaps, two rapiers duel with one another, and figures in family portraits shudder and convulse as the rotary dials on the old telephones slowly turn. They tell of a young maid who hung herself from the banisters in 1912. Her ghost can sometimes be seen, out of the corner of one’s eye, still sitting in the kitchen and listening for the chiming call of the servants’ bells…

It is to this very residence, my fine ladies and gentlemen, that I heartily invite you attend a party on All Hallows Eve. The festivities will begin at 9 o’clock and finish when the house sees fit to release you. With a blood red punch, suicidal sweeties and a cemetery smoking area you will be well looked after so do come along, if you dare…

Needless to say I am super excited!! My house is already pretty creepy but I've got lots of great ideas to turn it into a brilliantly haunted (but classy - no plastic skeletons here!) manor. I'm going for a Victorian-gothic look, so have naturally done quite a few trips to Camden in the last few weeks! I Photoshopped a photo of me and Nick dressed up which I will hang in a large gilt frame above the mantlepiece, family portrait style (above), there will be lanterns and candelabras dotted around the house and the fog machine is gonna be on full blast!

Here's a sneak peak of my outfit for tonight:

Lace dress: Primark, petticoats: vintage, silk corset: Ebay, lace choker: Camden, lace gloves: Camden, lipstick: Barry M, earrings: Accessorize, rings: Primark, black flower and bow: Accessorize

I found these two great makeup tutorials on YouTube which I will be using tonight:

Right, time for me to get cracking with the decorations. I hope you all have a great time! Happy Halloween! x

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