Christmas Countdown!

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! Unfortunately this means I often get carried away and start the "Christmas-ing" too early and basically kill it before it hits. I have therefore been very strict with myself this year and promised to hold off with any festivities (Christmas songs, funky jumpers and the sort) until the 1st of December. This has resulted in vigorous and frequent bouts of tummy butterflies; the sort you only get before a 5am holiday flight or as your guests start arriving to your 10th Birthday disco party (You wore platform heels, five coats of lipgloss and everybody raved to "Who Let the Dogs Out." It was awesome).

My mind has naturally been overflowing with thoughts of all the wonderful festive things I can start doing as of the 1st, and it got me thinking about the countdown to Christmas. Those December days are so wonderful! As a kid (grown-up kids included), opening those windows on your Advent Calendar and slowly seeing the numbers getting closer and closer to the 25th is one of the most exciting sensations ever! Thinking about those 25 delicious chocolate treats and all the parties, family visits and festive outings that will be taking place over the coming month gave me a brilliant idea. To really "up" the excitement factor and add a glorious fashionable touch to this Christmas countdown, I've decided to solicit the help of the thing I love the most: the stiletto heel. That's right - as of tomorrow right up until Christmas Day I'll be unveiling one fabulous pair of stilettos each and every day together with a wonderful co-ordinated outfit to keep you inspired and feeling festive throughout December!! Don't ever say I don't do anything for you.

So don't forget to check out my blog tomorrow and open the window (in your browser) for your first stiletto treat! It's gonna be a stylish Christmas, ladies! xx

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