Frill Seeker

The dazzling light of acid fireworks and the musky aroma of bonfire smoke fades into the starless night. The trees grow gaunt, and a biting winter chill is slowly starting to set in. Striding into the thickening mist with hands full of crispy golden leaves, autumn is passing...

As we bid farewell to Halloween and Bonfire Night and start to look to (dare I say it!) Christmas, the rich earthy hues of autumn give way to a darker palette of bitter-sweet decadence. Victoriana is all the rage at the moment, and the recent transition into November has prompted me to seek out the frilly, lacy items in my closet. Melancholy yet elegant, this style is perfect for gently easing you into a host of classy festive outfits. Thin, frilled fabrics and lace are wonderful at creating deep contrasts between light and dark, and with the sun hanging low on an overcast canvas, there is no better time to embrace this look. Sheer black or patterned tights are a must with this trend, and dark colours are naturally favourable. Layering evokes a feminine softness, or adding a touch of leather can convey an edgier vibe.

Blouse: River Island, skater skirt: New Look, belt: Primark, 10 denier ladder resist tights: Primark, pink & black lace stilettos: New Look
Peplum coat: New Look

Blouse: ASOS, smart shorts: New Look, lacy tights: Primark, black stilettos: Dorothy Perkins

Blouse: Primark, teal leggings: American Apparel, floral stilettos: Primark

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