Christmas Countdown - 12th Pair

These heels, identical to my green pair (day 2), formed the other half of my footwear for St Patrick's last year. Conveniently, my sister and I have the same shoe size so we decided to wear one green shoe and one orange shoe each! I loved this combination as it was so quirky and different! I haven't quite mustered the courage to wear them out like this, but like the green pair they have been adding a wonderful vivacity to many of my outfits ever since. As they are rather bright, I have found that shades like browns and creams tone down the harshness of these orange heels and create a much more pleasing, softer look.
Perfect for: A trip to see the Christmas lights on Oxford Street!
Heels: eBay, coat: Primark, dress: Lisa J (Camden Market), pashmina: Tie Rack, hat: Topshop

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