Christmas Countdown - 14th Pair

Reds, browns and oranges may be autumnal, but they're also wonderfully festive. I recently ordered a new tablecloth for a dinner I'm hosting this weekend and it's a fabulously spicy shade of reddish-brown - divine! These hues provide warmth in the cold and conjure up images of Christmas stockings hanging on the mantlepiece, flickering auburn flames reflecting off tinkling glass baubles, generous quantities of chestnuts, and, of course, Santa's red sleigh led by prancing chocolate-coloured reindeer!  

I've been thinking a lot about these hues over the last few days as I've been making 100% natural gingerbread bodyscrub (recipe can be found here:, and the sight of those tightly packed brown crystals encased in red gingham-topped jars immediately makes me feel so Christmassy! So here's a pair of soft red stilettos for some festive feelin'!
Perfect for: Making gingerbread mix!
Heels: Primark, coat: Jane Norman, shirt: vintage, shorts with belt: Primark, gloves: H&M, necklace: Accessorize, earrings: New Look

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