Christmas Countdown - 16th Pair

I've recently developed a newfound love for all those shades that sit at the far end of the colour scale alongside white. I'm dying for one of those long slouchy white blazers, with every trip to Boots I end up browsing dusty pink lipstick, a soft camel coat is currently sitting patiently on my Christmas list, and Ariana Grande has even managed to convince me that white heels, rather than being a bit chavy, can be cutesy and refreshing! Needless to say, this Christmas I'm feeling the femininity and fancy getting dolled up, and not in a Barbie or Pussycat sort of way.
Perfect for: Family visits!
Heels: New Look, dress: Primark, cropped blazer jacket: New Look, belt: Primark, necklace: Accessorize, earrings: Primark

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