Christmas Countdown - 18th Pair

...made you look?! Nope, you're not suffering from end-of-the-working-week insanity; these heels are in fact heel-less! As a stiletto admirer (and collector, it seems), these "backwards" heels absolutely fascinated me when I first saw them. I desperately wanted to try on a pair and find out for myself if balance really isn't an issue in them. I am pleased to report that it really isn't! It's weird not having a heel and you definitely feel more pressure on the ball of your foot so they're not the most comfortable of shoes, but hey - you don't have to worry about them getting stuck in escalators (what a stupid design)!

I love a simple pair of heels with no fussy straps; straps crossing over the front of the leg or around the ankles cut up the fluid line from toe to thigh, and as I'm 5"2 I can do with all the leggyness I can get! With a classic front and a very quirky back, this shoe is bound to get you noticed at the Christmas party! I bet you'll even catch the eye of Ben from accounts, who you pretend not to like but secretly deliberately loiter in the kitchen every morning between 09:30 and 09:45 cause you know he always starts the day with a cappuccino. And a blueberry muffin. Though on Tuesdays he seems to favour a cereal bar. You'll have to remember to cross-reference that one with his gym schedule... ;)
Perfect for: The work Christmas Party!
Heels: Primark, dress: Boohoo, coat: Primark, earrings: Primark, bangles: Primark

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