Christmas Countdown - 20th Pair

Ahhh these troopers are definitely my most over-used and relied upon pair of heels (hence them looking a bit worse for wear!). I remember when the craze for nude heels came around and I was like "...but won't they blend in with my legs and make me look like I've got funny feet?" Little did I know at the time that they were actually totally F.A.B. Thunderbird 1. I now know. I now see the error of my ways. Nude heels, you have been my trusty companions for so many incredible nights, including that time when I got out of the cab and walked straight into a lamp post in front of the whole Oceana queue. Classy.
Perfect for: Munching on minced pies!
Heels: New Look, dress: Mela Loves London at New Look, fur scarf: John Lewis

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