Duster Bluster

Coat: Primark, top: QED London, jeggings: Primark, pashmina: Topshop, heels: New Look, belt: Primark, gloves: H&M, bag: New Look, necklace: Primark, earrings: Accessorize
Sleeveless coat: Select, blouse: Select, socks: Topshop, boots: New Look, hat: H&M, gloves: Primark, bag: River Island, necklace: Accessorize

The current trend for duster coats is one I've really grown to love. Though perhaps not hugely appropriate for this time of year, these long, loose and swishy beauties look fabulous when untied; left to the mercy of the playful wind. With gentle greys or creams being my preferred shades, these coats are reminiscent of derelict western plains or 1920s open-top motorcars. They have a raw, sort of "slouchy-ness" to them which means they're easy to chuck on over a range of outfits and makes them far less fussy than a stiff trench or blazer jacket.

Sleeveless coats is another trend I've finally come round to. Not deeming them to be any less practical I have learnt to appreciate how awesome they look, particularly when worn with a vivacious, bold-coloured top underneath. Again, as with a duster, a sleeveless coat has a refreshing effortlessness to it with a generally loose open collar and simple fabric tie.

I've written quite a few times now about my recent appreciation for a palette of nudes and I feel these hues work particularly well when paired with a flowing coat. Shades from chocolate-chip cookie to soft whipped cream accentuate the light, airy movement of the fluid cut. Together they form a perfect match with your morning coffee-to-go on a blustery day.

Photography by Andrew Magno. Check out his amazing work here: https://www.facebook.com/andrewmagnomedia/

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