Rainy Days & Mondays

There is no better antidote to a very British Monday morning than a hot cup of tea and a good book. Nothing perks me up as much as curling up in an armchair wrapped in soft knits as the drops of rain roll lazily down the glass panes of my window. Fluffy slippers or thick fleece-lined socks are also a must when tackling the effects of gloomy grey skies. It's moments like these when I like to stop and appreciate all the little things in life: that instant uplifting feeling you get when a great song comes on the radio, popping into Sainsburys where they've just taken a fresh batch of hot cross buns out of the oven and the smell fills the store, arriving at the platform just as your train is pulling in, when that top you really wanted goes on sale and they have your size, opening a new jar of Nutella and being the first to slide your knife in to break the mass of chocolate, feeling the water seep through your hair and wash the stress away as you unwind in a nice hot bath, crawling into a freshly made bed...

We've had a lot of miserable, cold and wet days recently, and they can have a nasty habit of getting you down and crushing any enthusiasm or motivation. But taking the time to consider these small pleasures always helps me to remember that somewhere far beyond those dark clouds the sun is still forever shining. In the meantime though stay cosy, layer up with some soft loose fabrics and go get yourself a cuppa!

Navy jeans: Primark, grey blouse: Primark, pink knit jumper: Dorothy Perkins, fleece-lined pompom socks: eBay, white fluffy slippers: Primark, cream cape: Primark, black & grey cape: Boohoo, green check cape: New Look, teacup necklace: Accessorize

Photography by Andrew Magno. Check out his work here: https://www.facebook.com/andrewmagnomedia/

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